Our Mission

Ambioterra is a nonprofit, charitable organization governed by an elected board whose purpose is to promote the conservation and protection of natural habitats and endangered species. Its activities are funded by various levels of government, by foundations, and by its members.


  • handshakeTo create and manage protected areas in natural settings both on land and in the watersheds of Quebec, particularly in the southwestern part of the province, and to encourage voluntary conservation from homeowners by making agreements with our organization to ensure the protection of our natural heritage.
  • To restore habitat for species at risk by taking inventories and by noting the environmental character of their habitats. Also by educating and informing the public and owners of environmentally sensitive areas about the environmental issues related to the protection of habitats and recovery of species at risk through public meetings, conferences, recommendations, and follow up with stewardship programs.

Our dossiers

  • Biodiversity (protection and conservation) – Protection of biodiversity Adobe_PDF_icon
  • Forest
  • Water (responsible water management) – Hydrological Resource Adobe_PDF_icon
  • Agriculture (sustainable and equitable agriculture)
  • Health (Environmental Health)

To achieve its mission and objectives, Ambioterra …

Starts and supports projects that protect biodiversity and species in danger

Organizes awareness activities on environmental issues

Conducts participatory action research projects

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