The Haut Saint Laurent Valley

Ambioterra deals primarily with the territory in the Montérégie West region.


Map courtesy of the Conférence Régional des Élus de la Vallée-du-Haut-St-Laurent (CRE-VHSL)

The region of the Haut Saint Laurent Valley (HSLV), also known as Montérégie West,  consists of 65 municipalities and two indigenous territories. Nearly 425,000 people live in the region, which has an area of 3713 km². Ambioterra has a project that targets the territory of the HSLV. This project is for the protection of forested wetlands.

These wetlands are covered by our project for the following reasons:

  • They are located in priority areas targeted by the Watershed Atlas of the Châteauguay River as well as several provincial and regional planning documents;
  • Important threats relating either to agricultural activities, or to residential or invasive species;
  • For four of the nearby properties covered by the Ambioterra draft, conservation projects are already underway, which will extend wildlife corridors.

Moreover, invasive species are problematic in the Haut Saint Laurent Valley, because once they manage to settle in new environments they spread quickly, often at the expense of native species. They affect human communities and the environment in many ways, such as causing a loss of biodiversity, altering habitats, creating economic losses, and causing a decrease in quality of life.

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