Professional services

Ambioterra, with its dynamic team of experts in biology, environmental science, and geography, offers a full range of resources and services for the protection and conservation of the environment. Two examples of our achievements.

2012-2013: Contract for the Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO). DFO commisioned Ambioterra as part of its program to reestablish the channel darter in collaboration with the team for the re-establishment of cyprinids and small perch in Quebec. The mandate was to carry out targeted surveys, compile the presence and abundance index from the catch per unit effort and make a habitat characterization using the appropriate techniques for the channel darter within the bounds of the area prioritized for the English River. Other areas were covered by the mandate, including the Outardes River East and the Trout River.

2013: A compensation project for the City of Châteauguay. To compensate for the negative impact of stabilization work on a slope facing the Châteauguay River near 550 Upper River Road in the municipality of Châteauguay, Ambioterra had the mandate to develop a project to conserve and restore the fish habitat within an area of 2200 square meters. This was a project to protect and restore riparian strips in a section of the English River, a tributary of the Châteauguay River, close to an area proposed as critical habitat for the endangered channel darter.

On land

  • Characterization of habitats and natural environments
  • Qualitative plant inventory
  • Qualitative wildlife inventory
  • Inventory of plant and animal species at risk
  • Inventory of amphibians (turtles, snakes, salamanders)
  • Habitat mapping

In water

  • Inventories of aquatic species (fish, benthic macro invertebrates)
  • Sampling, monitoring and analysis of water quality
  • Plan to control erosion and sedimentation
  • Analysis and mapping of areas at risk of erosion
  • Geomorphological, hydrological ,and hydraulic studies
  • Identification of the natural high water line
  • Plans and estimates for replanting the shorelines
  • Characterization and delineation of wetlands with habitat mapping

The environment and managing the land

  • Feasibility study (environmental impacts)
  • Environmental project management
  • Assessment of compliance with laws and regulations
  • Plan for managing the land with a view toward conservation
  • Plan for managing the natural environment
  • Plan for managing the forest ecology
  • Environmental monitoring project
  • Findings report
  • Evaluation of the natural environment
  • GIS and mapping

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